Todd Lee-Millstein

đŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Todd Lee-Millstein

Featured Work:

atomic theory main robot image

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 4174, Atomic Theory (2021-2022)

QM20 QM20

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6051, Quantum Mechanics (2020-2021)

nyc bike map photo


NYCBikeMap is a web-based, unified, interactive bike map for NYC that combines information from NYC OpenData, Citi Bike and other sources.

Pizzabot image


PizzaBOT is an autonomous food delivery and a vending robot that is inspired by the hundreds of pizzerias in New York City. Its primary purpose is to deliver pizza from local pizzerias to customers in an urban environment. Additionally, just like a New York City pizzeria, PizzaBOT can carry up to 8 individual slices of pizza that can be sold to anyone who happens to walk by or see the robot’s location on an app. The integrated touchscreen display allows a user to interact with the robot and easily purchase a slice. PizzaBOT also accepts contactless cards and cash so any New Yorker can enjoy a spontaneous slice of pizza. The rugged terrain wheels and LiDAR sensor enable PizzaBOT to navigate complex urban environments without human assistance. PizzaBOT also has a built-in heating system to keep pizza warm for longer deliveries.

Pizzabot image

aeon - time designed for you

aeon is a design concept that reimagines the way we consider time.

quantum mechanics 2019-2020 robot photo picture

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6051, Quantum Mechanics (2019-2020)